It's Easier To Love, Don't You See?
Nothing Is Greater Than Love

As individuals and as sisters, we've lived the highs and survived the lows of life like any other person or family. We've experienced disappointment, rejection and heartbreak as well as the beauty of connection, belonging and joy. As young women, the strong and compassionate role models who surrounded us, inspired us to face life with courage and faith.  We have been blessed with success and many wonderful experiences but have also lived and learned through hardship and pain. Though our faith has been tested, we have emerged stronger and more resilient, and are grateful for both sides of the journey. We are finally now at a point in our lives where we refuse to let troubles and past set backs hold us back. We are looking to the future with excitement, hope and determination. In the here and now and with guidance from above, we bring a message of love more relevant today than ever before.

These are challenging times. While human rights are improving across the world, it seems ignorance, prejudice and lack of education are still prevalent in many places and the basic rights of women and children in particular are still being ignored on a heart breaking scale. Those of us that are living consciously have a duty to help in efforts to improve the human condition using the gifts God has given each of us. We feel so blessed to be in a position to touch, heal and empower through our music.

Music is a vehicle that grants the heart and spirit expression. It heals and enlightens, frees and transforms. It touches the soul and connects us with each other, regardless of our differences. It allows us to exist outside of our individual circumstances and break free from the shackles that hold us. We are blessed and privileged to have lived our lives with music as our constant companion and inspiration. We have never taken for granted the strength and comfort it has sustained us with over the years. Coupled with our faith and the valuable teachings our mother, aunts, grandmother and many other beautiful people in our lives have bestowed upon us, we are honoured to use our collective voice to effect change and inspire others in the process.

Our group's legacy of love stems from the expression of sisterhood so triumphantly voiced in our most famous song "We Are Family". This message, now as important and fresh as ever, perfectly communicates the energy of our treasured familial bond. Moreover, through life experience we have come to realize that we are 'all' family. Together we must stand in unity as sisters and brothers for the betterment of humankind. Every woman, man and child has the right to receive love. We hope that through our music and message, we will play a part in setting hearts free and helping spirits soar. We are all different. We are all equal. We are all awesome!

Debbie, Joni, Kim and family. xxx