Today we are remembering dear Joni on the 3rd anniversary of her passing, and this week celebrating International Women’s Day, an occasion that was so very close to Joni’s heart. Below are some words from Debbie and Tanya:

“My sister Joni Sledge, was a warrior for the empowerment and freedom of all women to take wings and soar!!! As Sister Sledge we are so inspired by her life of purpose , passion and love. We celebrate her life and legacy and we stand with all women”. Debbie Sledge x

“I just want to do whatever I can to support and encourage women all over the world through the art of song, the power of words and the inspiration of positive images. We are SO much more than bodies and babies (Which we should still cherish). We are sources of great strength, wisdom and ingenuity! We are human beings who deserve to be respected and protected as much as our male counterparts. (We helped to create them after all). Let’s ALL celebrate the achievements of women and raise more awareness about the injustices against so many of us. It’s about Love. It’s about Life. IT’S ABOUT TIME”. Tanya Tiet x

We are wearing sustainable fashion in the form of 100% recycled cashmere (that Joni would have loved!) from Winser London. Photography by Chris Loomis. Make-up by Danielle Devonn and Gabi Vilallta.